Krinos Foods, Inc. is one of the largest importers and manufacturers of specialty foods in North America. Krinos carries over two thousand frozen, refrigerated and dry food products from over 25 countries. These products include beverages, canned goods, cheeses, coffees, confectionery, frozen foods, meats, olives, olive oils, and pasta. Krinos imports and manufactures these products in both bulk and consumer packs permitting the company to cater to over 5,000 customers including supermarkets, gourmet stores, delicatessens, club stores and most food service institutions throughout North America.

Krinos has modern and efficient facilities in Atlanta, California, Chicago, New York in the United States and in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. Its packaging lines have annual production capacities of over 5 million cases. In addition, the Toronto facility utilizes patented Phyllo Dough machines to produce over 1,800 pounds of dough per hour. The company’s warehouses contain nearly ten million cubic feet of dry storage and over two million cubic feet of refrigeration.


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